Today’s Agenda

1. Laundry
2. Vacuuming/mopping
3. Feed cat
4. Possibly get groceries
5. Get cash
6. Food trucks

I guess “food trucks” isn’t exactly “adulting”, but I will be meeting with other adults and possibly using language that is not suitable for children, so I think it should count.

I closed down my professional Facebook page today. I think I may want to rebrand overall; I work 40+ hours a week doing career coaching type stuff, and I never feel like discussing even more of it when I’m home. Work is not life for me.





I have never had the greatest relationship with television. I’m kind of like television’s fairweather friend. As a kid, there were a few shows that caught my attention, but I was largely uninterested. Pop culture references? Don’t bother. If I can’t look it up on Google right away, it’s as good as lost. I have never seen any Idol shows, I don’t keep up with Kardashians, I don’t know who got voted off which island. I haven’t had a cable subscription in two years. My partner ended up purchasing a set a few weeks ago, and I have been browsing Netflix for the first time in my life. Do you know how many documentaries are available on Netflix? More than I was able to browse through, that’s for sure. And the things I have chosen to watch so far have been a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t share everything with the anonymous online public.

“Shouldn’t” being the operative word.